Before and Afters - original photos to silhouette portraits

Family Portraits

Image_of_daddy_holding_baby_up_in_the_air Baby Harry is flying...
Image_of_Daddy_holding_baby_up_in_the_air_silhouette Wheeeeeeeee!
Picture_of_father Dad
Image_of_mum Mum
Image_of_son Son
image_of_daughter Daughter
Family_portrait_silhouette Finished family silhouette portrait
picture_of_grandpa_and grandson Stroll by the sea with Grandpa
silhouette_image_of_grandpa_and_grandson_walking ... and in silhouette


Original_picture_of_border_terrier Bertie the Border Terrier on Ilkley Moor...
silhouette_of_border_terrier_dog this silhouette portrait
JAck_Russell_original_photo Pickle the Jack Russell...
silhouette_of_jack_russell_dog ...and in profile


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