Guidelines for the perfect photo/photos to create your silhouette portrait.


  • All photos need to be high resolution (this means a large file – usually a minimum of 1mb) iPhone or iPad 3 and iPad Air photos are perfectly fine so long as they are emailed to me in 'actual size'. email:


  • For the head cameo style (head profile portraits only) please read these specific 'Cameo portrait photo guidelines' for taking the correct photos. For all other silhouette styles see the instructions below


  • Try to imagine the various individuals to be profiled in block colours – ask yourself if is there enough profile definition for a silhouette? Will we be able to tell who it is?


  • In many cases a finished portrait will actually be made up of several photos because it is very hard to already have the perfect suitable photo  - especially where children are involved! Don't be shy to send me several photos as I can easily create the silhouettes seperately and then combine them into one portrait.  I sometimes have to replace the head of one person with the head taken on a totally seperate photo - so don't worry if you haven't got THE perfect photo. There are always ways around these things and I will advise you on any areas we may need another photo.


Heads/faces - there are ideally two options:

1.  Side profile: if there is a side profile, please ensure all facial features (the forehead, eye area, nose, mouth and chin) are clearly visible. It does not work it is a partial profile, i.e. the person is turning the head slightly to look at the camera. Usually for side profiles, girls/ladies with long hair look better with it tied up so the face shape and neck area is clearly defined



2. Looking straight at the camera or walking away (from behind). In either of these cases it is ideal if both ears are visible, however this is often easier for boys/men. Please note that for girls/ladies, if the hair is pulled back in a pony tail or tied up they will look like they have no hair – unless some hair is poking up above their head hairline


1.  Ideally most limbs should be separate to the body so I can create a clear silhouette for the arms, hands, legs and feet. Without this the person/animal can look rather odd in silhouette as it could appear they only have one arm/leg or that a hand appears jutting out of the person's stomach rather than being attached to an arm ;-)


2. Also if the person is standing/walking, it is ideal if the legs can be slightly apart to enable a distinguishable silhouette rather than one thick 'tree trunk' for legs!



NB: It is hard to make a silhouette without distinguishing features because the resulting profile could be of anyone – rather than the person it should look like.


If you are not sure on anything, please send a few options to me and we can discuss which will work best.  Often several photos are required to make the perfect portrait and I simply take elements form each photo and then merge them togther to form your perfect portrait.


Thank you.



The best way to reach me is to call/text 07779 637365 or to simply complete our contact form.




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