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Head cameo silhouettes - 2 children Head cameo silhouettes

My head cameo style of silhouette portrait is one of my most popular styles and a unique way to capture the way your loved ones look at a point in time - they wil be cherished for many many years to come and will no doubt  become family heirlooms. These silhouette portraits are very popular as presents for grandparents with all the grandchildren captured in silhouette together. Lovely!


Here are the specific guidelines for taking the right photos for the cameo style... examples can be seen below...


1) take the side profile photo against a plain pale background/wall if possible and in daylight where possible to avoid a double shadow from artificial light


2) The person/child smiling with their mouth open (for a happy cameo) or straight faced for the more traditional straight faced cameo silhouette style


3) take the picture from the subject's head height (not from above i.e. for a child bend down so the camera is parallel to their head - not taken looking down at them from your own height)


4) please ensure the photo is in perfect profile so all their features are clearly visible from the side (lips, nose) - we should only be able to see exactly one half of their face


5) for girls please ensure their hair is tied up on a ponytail/bun


6) please ensure the subject's entire head and hair is in the photo (including ponytail where relevant)


7) please avoid wearing bulky items around the neck (no scarves, hoodies, big collars) so I can see the exact shape of the person's neck


8) please email the photos in 'actual size' so the largest file size possible. iPhone/tablet photos are fine to


The best way to reach me is to call/text 07779 637365 or to simply complete our contact form.




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